Scrivo Pro 3.0 available on App Store


Great news! We have released a new Scrivo Pro 3.0 major version with great new features very much demanded by our users.

Scrivo Pro can now create new Scrivener projects and binder structures from scratch by adding new documents and folders. New projects can be created in your iPad or iPhone on the go even if you are offline. No Internet connection is needed. They can be synced via Dropbox when online and opened in your desktop Scrivener as usual. 😉

You can also add, delete or duplicate binder items in those projects created on your computer with Scrivener and sync the changes via Dropbox.

New features and improvements for Scrivener projects:

– Create new Scrivener projects directly in app and sync them even if you are offline.
– Add new blank documents and folders to the Scrivener binder. Add new items to the binder directly into the selected folder row
– Re-arrange binder items with drag&drop gesture
– Rename binder items: Tap “Edit” button, double tap the item row to rename
– Full-text search binder documents to quickly find document content
– Delete binder items: Swipe left the row of the item or tap the “Edit” button
– Import directly to the binder new items (docs, images, PDFs, etc.) from Dropbox or Local Documents location (iTunes)
– Synced projects can be renamed
– Images in PNG format can be viewed directly from the binder
– Order Scrivener projects by date or by title
– Duplicate Scrivener project folders
– Mail Scrivener projects as a .zip attachment
– Binder shows items and word counters for each document and folder
– MS Word documents can be added to the binder as new items too

New features and improvements for RTF documents:

– Create PDF copies of your RTF documents directly from the documents view. Tap the “Select” button, select the document then tap “Share” menu button and “Make PDF Copy”
– Insert drawings, hand-draw signatures and graphic compositions in your documents (iPad version)
– Take photos using device camera and insert them in your document
– Minor bug fixes

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