New release: Scrivo 2.0

Major new 2.0 version! Thanks a lot for your useful feedback! We really appreciate it, we are listening to your suggestions and improving Scrivo Pro every day!

What’s new on Scrivo Pro 2.0?

***** New Dropbox Sync for Scrivener External Folders (only for Mac Scrivener users, Windows very soon too) *****

– We have developed a new Dropbox syncing method from scratch in Scrivo Pro specifically designed for Scrivener users.
It uses the same UX than Scrivo Pro to manage documents (so forget the Dropbox browser window to open individually files) and it has a very easy set up:

1- Configure your Scrivener external folder in your computer as usual to share it via Dropbox.
2- Add that Scrivener’s external folder from 1) to Scrivo’s new “Dropbox External Folders” location.
3- You are done. Just tap the “Sync with External Folder Now” in the “+” menu to sync Scrivo with your Scrivener’s External Folders.

The new sync supports multiple Scrivener external folders and multiple files/folders syncing simultaneously.

You can also make changes offline and when online it will be synced. In case of file conflict, it always wins the most recent file. You don’t lose the Dropbox versions, so you always have a backup of previous documents. You don’t lose the local version, if it’s removed and you want to recover it, you will always find it in Scrivo’s Trash folder. 😉

– Automatic Backups: There’s is a new location named “Automatic Backups” where Scrivo Pro stores diferent versions of your documents as you work. When you close a modified document a backup is stored in this new location to keep your work safe. You can manually create snapshots too.

– Added more than 60 new fonts to be used in your documents. Special mention for the Courier Prime font for screenwriters and OpenDyslexic for users with dyslexia.

– Added advanced text statistics like syllables counter, Readability Index, Smog Index and Flesh Kincaid Reading Ease.

– Full-text search across all locations (local documents, iCloud and Scrivener Folders)

– Document snapshots are supported now in iCloud location too

– Fixed some minor bugs and improved stability and perfomance

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