How to change the cover of a folder?

You can personalise the cover of your folders in our apps very quickly:

Tap “Select”->Tap a folder->Tap “tool” button -> Change folder cover

You have dozens of pre-designed covers or you can add your own pictures from your Photos gallery.


What’s the difference between Scrivo and Scrivo Pro?

Scrivo Pro has more document sync support and other powerful features than Scrivo basic version:

+ New Scrivener projects can be created in your iPad on the go even if you are offline
+ Open Scrivener projects from your computer and sync them via Dropbox or iCloud Drive Compatible with Windows and Mac projects
+ Supports offline edition. Work offline, sync when online
+ Protect any folder or Scrivener project with a passcode
+ Access directly the binder of your projects with actual document names and tree structure
+ Edit and sync Scrivener index cards on a corkboard view
+ Character name generator to create male/female names in more than 7 languages
+ Automatic Backups
+ Document Scanner
+ Wi-Fi File Transfer between iPad/iPhone and your computer
+ PDF Reader for reference files, resources, papers, etc.
+ Google Drive, Box and WebDAV document synchronisation
+ Import .doc MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents

+ That’s only the beginning, will add more Pro features soon!

+ Two documents opened side by side: If you have both Scrivo Pro and Scrivo installed in your iPad then you can use split-screen to edit two documents simultaneously.

That’s only the beginning, will add more Pro features ¬†related with Scrivener soon!